Hi there, I'm Ta'Donna!

Meet your Money Coach

I’m a born and raised New Yorker, Mompreneur, Wealth Strategist and founder of Legendary Wealth Builders.  I use my 15+ years of financial experience to help you break the paycheck to paycheck cycle, by teaching you how to make your money work smarter not harder.

I give your the confidence and the tools to accelerate your financial success by actively investing in the stock market.

Life is too short to only live for the weekend!

Are you struggling to get started investing?  Don’t feel bad if you’re struggling with investing.  It doesn’t mean your’re not smart or that you can’t get it.  You just need someone to connect the piece to the puzzle.  I’m here to help you do just that.


I started Legendary Wealth Builders because I was just like you.  Giving all of my enegry to a job, while having little to no time for my family or myself.  Working crazy hours just to be off for a couple of weeks out of the year.  However, I was able to retire myself after 15 years of working in Corporate America.  I was able to learn how to supplement my income and become work optional through trading in the stock market.  Now I teach professionals and high achievers how to expediate their financial goals and become work optional by investing in the stock market.

Some Fun facts about me!


Born and raise New Yorker.  I’m not Jenny from the Bronx but I am Tay from the Bronx.


Mom of two amazing future millionaries, which are my motivations.


Talk about how easy this step is and how to it will benefit them when they do it.

How we help you...

1. one on one coaching
2. Group Coaching
3. Online Course

Kind words from clients

"I have been a client of Ta'Donna's since the spring of 2019, and from the that time I have learned how to budget my finances. She has introduced me to IRA's and other types of retirement vehicles. Ta'Donna also consulted me on moving expenses and create a moving spending plan so I could plan for expenses. She was also very helpful with my options for life insurance as well as setting a budget for starting my business. Today I can say I'm better than I was before in my spending and savings habits. I'm also more aware of what to look for when investing.

-Lateisha W.