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One-on-one coaching to keep you motivated and accountable as you work on increasing your financial health.

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Group sessions that covers the basic fundamentals like budgeting and creating spending plans. In addition to credit and debt management. All the way through to wealth building and estate planning discussions.

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One-on-one and group coaching to keep you motivated and accountable as you work on increasing your financial health.

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I’m super excited that you found your way here.  I’m Ta’Donna Nagle, your millennial money expert.  I’m a certified Financial Instructor with over 15 years’ experience working in the financial industry.  In that time, I’ve noticed the disconnect in wealth and financial education in my community and among friends and family.  Recognizing that many people are struggling financially due to the lack of financial education and resources.  I’ve created Financial Legacy Group to pick up where the schools and many households left off.  Leveraging my own experience around money, in addition to the lessons I’ve learned directly and indirectly.  I’ve made it my personal mission to educate, motivate and encourage individuals to take control of their financial mindset and build real generational wealth.

I want to educate individuals how to obtain Financial Freedom, by deploying a few financial strategies to help their money make money.  In addition to helping you limit or avoid those financial mistakes.  The result that we delivery is helping you achieve the financial independence that you need, want and deserve.

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I have been a client of Ta’ Donna’s since the spring of 2019, and from the that time I have learned how to better budget my finances. She was very helpful with my options for life
insurance as well as setting a budget for starting my
business. Today I can say I’m better than I was before in my spending and savings habits. I’m also more aware
of what to look for when investing.

L. Williams

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